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Enjoy the journey into the heart........


Mission: To provide quality reading material in an entertaining way that reminds readers that everyone is human.  Real life is not black and white but is filled with many colors in various shades so why should our literature be? 

Vision: To help promote and build literacy in the African American CommunityI've been writing since I was fourteen years old and I have enjoyed reading various genres since then.  I love romance and all of its ups and downs, all of the joy and some of the pain, the heart lifting and the heartbreaking, and lets not forget he funny and the outrageous. I love creating characters that people can relate to and reflect back thinking that they know and love someone just like that. 

 I took a leap of faith and it  has enabled me to share my passion for reading and writing with the world. I am currently working on self-publishing my new novel, a collection of poetry and writing on my next novel. 

I hope to soon offer publishing and distribution opportunities for writers looking take their writing futures into their own hands.

I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA with my daughter;  Aniyah, and  son; Amir.

  Thanking God everyday for the ability to breathe.


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